Chez Hazeu Catering is moving to the Netherlands, unfortunately no more weekly menus in Germany from now on...

Welcome to Chez Hazeu’s weekly menu! Every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Chez Hazeu offers different, delicious and international single dishes. Fresh and full of flavor! The daily meals are announced weekly on Friday for the following week. You can send your order at least 1 day in advance by email to or notify me via mobile phone or app. 
If you can plan in advance, please let me know what you would like to order for the week before 10:00 AM Monday as I do most of the shopping for the week on Monday. You will receive the ordered meals in environmentally friendly organic packaging that can be picked up at 11:30 in Munich-Laim / Elsenheimerstrasse 26 or from 12:00 at my home on the days in question. My address is: Am Schwaigfeld 9 a in Neuried. Also include in your email when you would like to collect your meal. The meals for lunch are given warm! You will receive the dishes that you order for dinner with precise instructions on how they can be heated at home. (Small children, up to and including elementary school, receive a €2,- discount per portion.)
You can also order pasta sauces for a delicious (family) meal. Choose from the  sauces below! € 5 per serving! (500 ml)
  • Bolognese
  • Tomatoes, peppers and basil
  • Tomatoes, carrots and celery
  • Oregano Pumpkin and sage sauce with cream

Lasagna (minimum 4 servings) is always on the menu as well. Homemade and delicious!

  • Vegetarian (€11,- per portion)
  • Bolognese €13,- per portion)

The Chez Hazeu Burger can be ordered any time as well! A delicious organic beef burger, flavored with, among other things, fresh herbs. A ver tasty lemon mayonnaise with fresh tarragon, a sweet onion compote, fresh pickle and a lightly toasted, oven-fresh bun. Roasted potatoes are served with this. Always a joy!  €13,-

And Quiche is always on the menu! You can order Large or Small and choose from the 3 options below:
  • Quiche with smoked salmon, leek and fresh herbs                                        Large: €22,-      Small: €10,-   
  • Quiche with roasted ham, leek and fresh herbs                                              Large: €20,-      Small: €8,
  • Quiche with baked mushroom, leek and fresh herbs                                     Large: €18,-      Small: €7,50
Chez Hazeu offers soups as well. You can choose from 5 delicious flavor combinations! € 4.50 per serving (500 ml)
  • Tomato and pepper soup
  • Moroccan lentil soup
  • Zucchini tarragon soup
  • Thai coconut soup
  • Pumpkin, carrot and ginger soup