About Chez Hazeu

Let me introduce myself. My name is Annemarie Hazeu and although Hazeu is a French name, I am actually from The Netherlands. My family and I moved to Neuried in October 2016 after having lived in Frankfurt am Main the 4 years before. We have 3 children and now that our youngest is nearly 3 years old, I have decided to spread my wings and to found my own company which represents my passion in life; preparation of good food!

The soft spot for cooking has been there ever since I was little. I always experimented in the kitchen and especially my parents were my patient guinea pigs. Over the years the results of my baking and cooking skills have definitely improved thanks to my mother who is the best host I know and who taught me all the basics and my sister in law who is a professional cook and with whom I have often had the pleasure of preparing great meals for large groups. Growing up I lived in several countries such as Malaysia, Norway and Spain. These experiences trigger my interest in foreign, international cuisine. The past few years I have hosted several retreats and cooking classes in France and Germany, specialized in Asian cuisine, with great pleasure!

A celebration with good food and great atmosphere simply makes me happy. After having had the privilege of enjoying enthusiastic and hart-warming feedback on the events I host and the food I prepare, I decided to found ‘Chez Hazeu Catering’. This way I get to introduce my cooking skills in the region for various customers and events, introducing new tastes such as the rich flavours from the Indonesian kitchen. Just give me a call or drop me an email with your order and Chez Hazeu Catering will ensure great service and presentation of delicious food!